Feature Articles

Can’t Stop Loving You

Michael Jackson reigned as one of the best-selling solo music artists ever until his untimely death. He accumulated an estimated 1 billion in total sales worldwide, according to Billboard. However, not many people are aware the King of Pop topped Forbes’ list as the highest-earning dead ...

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Get On the Ball!

Feel the heat when the 2023 NCAA men’s basketball championship tournament action gets underway in Vegas this month. Don’t delay in reserving your party spot in front of the big screens while munching down on tasty game-day eats and swilling specialty drinks—seats fill up fast. ...

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February Features

2023 ‘Big Game’ Vegas Blowouts

More than a quarter-million football fans charge into Vegas every year for the “Big Game.” It’s no surprise then that most every venues in the city with big-screen TVs, alcohol and food host a game-day watch party for the NFL’s most highly anticipated, energized showdown of the year. ...

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Rage Against
the Machines

Beginning Feb. 3, fans and newcomers alike can experience the intense action and drama that unfold when robots fight to the death in the new, exclusive-to-Vegas show, Battle-Bots: Destruct-A-Thon. You may have seen them on TV, but you “ain’t seen nothing yet” until you catch them live ...

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January Features

A Case of Curious Craft Cocktails

When you’re in the market for a bedazzled skull cap with antlers, or you stumble upon a portable typewriter by Remington—with lore that claims any tale composed on it will make its author illustriously famous—head over to the Horseshoe Las Vegas (formerly Bally’s) and find yourself flush with luck. ...

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Prepare To Be Totally Wowed

Wow—The Vegas Spectacular indubitably leads credence to the belief that variety is the spice of life. Engaging, enthralling and highly enjoyable, the bigger-than-life production showcases an extravagant, over-the-top display of diverse, awe-inspiring entertainment. ...

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