Feature Articles

One Wild Ride!

With the 36th annual National Finals Rodeo in town Dec. 1-10, it’s about to get western-style rowdy up in here. After all, there’s nothing 170,000-plus revved-up, rambunctious cowboys love more than ropin’, ridin’, drinkin’, dancin’ and enjoying the company of beautiful women—and Sin City has just the ticket. ...

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A Perfect NYE on the Las Vegas Strip

Saturday night on the Strip is always a moment—but throw New Year’s Eve into the mix, and the reviews read “once-in-a-lifetime,” “unforgettable”and “game-changing.” With the ball dropping on the weekend this year, expect crowds to swell beyond the usual 300,000 as hotels sell out, restaurants book up ...

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November Features

The King Returns

Elvis Presley love is burning higher and higher this
year thanks to the hit film by Baz Luhrmann and the 45th anniversary of the King leaving the building—permanently. If you find your “brain flaming” for ecstatic hip gyrations, and “nothing can cool’’ you but a new, sweaty red scarf, All Shook Up: Tribute to the King ...

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Journey Inside
the Pyramid

Time traveling part of your vacation plans? A new exhibit at the Luxor, “Discovering King Tut’s Tomb: The Experience,” takes guests on a spellbinding tour back in time to Nov. 26, 1922, when British archeolo-gist Howard Carter first discovered the lost tomb of King Tutankhamun.  ...

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October Features

Tap Into Oktoberfest

Any event held for the sole purpose of commemorating a passion for beer drinking is definitely one we’ll sign up for again and again. As such, Oktoberfest has been going strong in Munich since 1810. ...

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Scare Up Some Spine-Chilling Fun

If it’s thrills and chills you seek this Halloween season during your visit to Sin City, we’re well-prepared to make your hair stand on end. Do you like playing games? If you’ve got some time to kill, The Official Saw Escape Room is one of the largest, most intense escape attractions in the world. ...

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