Sky’s the Limit

There’s more than one way to fly, and for those who’ve always dreamed of taking flight other than in an airplane, Las Vegas has a variety of options to make your dream come true.

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or someone who’s more timid in nature, you can find a stimulating experience that perfectly suits your style and will have you flying high!

Great for kids of all ages, you can earn your wings without a parachute or an airplane at Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving. Your adrenaline is sure to get pumping when you experience exhilarating body flight as a 1,000-horsepower motor creates wind speeds up to 120 mph that allow you to soar, float, fly and free-fall. vegasin-

Offering more than 25 tours, Maverick Helicopters provides an array of fascinating experiences. From Las Vegas Strip and downtown sightseeing tours of iconic landmarks and glittering neon lights, to nearby breathtak- ing natural wonders, a minute won’t go by that you won’t be totally engrossed.

Even the most daredevil types might get nervous before their first jump, which is why GoJump Las Vegas has chosen the best equipment for your comfort and safety; brand-new planes built specifically for skydiving; and the most experienced, friendly staff members who’ll ensure you experience the thrill of a lifetime!

—Carla J. Zvosec