Imagination Station

Every year for three days since 2013, Life Is Beautiful transforms 18 blocks of Downtown Las Vegas into a massive outdoor playground loaded with art by local artists and talents from around the world.

Though it may appear as a music festival from the outside, it actually serves as a civic development project that happens to feature incredible musical acts, culinary phenoms, comedy geniuses and more to stretch your comfort zone.

In case you weren’t able to score tickets this time around, here are a couple of other fun alternatives in downtown to get your creative juices flowing.

Particle Ink: Speed of Dark Show and Dinner Package: Ease into your evening with a four-course Japanese-inspired meal at The Pepper Club located in downtown’s first boutique hotel, The English Hotel, which opened in February.

Afterward, walk directly across the street to an abandoned warehouse with access to the 2.5th dimension. There you’ll witness high tech combined with live performance and music for a mixed-reality mind-bender. The Lighthouse and The Pepper Club,

The Underground, The Mob Museum: Appropriately located in the museum’s basement, this speakeasy also operates as a distillery. Say the password (listed online) to find live music, authentic art from the Roaring ’20s and a secret VIP room serving Prohibition-era drinks. We love the old fashioned served in a glass flask from a hollowed-out book—of course. themobmuseum. org/underground

—Emmy Kasten