Finding Your Festival Vibe

Las Vegas is ground zero for music festivals this month. Arctic Monkeys, Gorillaz, Lorde, and Jack Harlow are just a few of the main headliners who will take the stage, Sept. 16-18, at Life Is Beautiful in Downtown Las Vegas. The following are some suggestions to discreetly get canna-hippy and a
little trippy even if a music festival isn’t part of your Vegas itinerary.

Whether you want to kick back in a lounge on the Strip or make your way to a Life Is Beautiful stage to jam with your favorite band, get your social groove on with Kiva Camino Sparkling Pear gummies. With a unique ratio of 6 milligrams-to-2 milligrams (120 mg CBD and 40 mg THC), pop a Camino gummy in your mouth for a euphoric experience.

Rolling Stone’s “Made for Music” line of vapes is custom curated for getting your festival vibe on no matter what mood you’re seeking. The iconic magazine, in conjunction with Curaleaf, has produced three strains: an energizing sativa aptly named “Overdrive, a calming hybrid called “Phaser” and a chill indica dubbed “Reverb.

—Beth Schwartz