Trick or Treat!

The otherworldly properties of cannabis line up serendipitously with a month highlighted by the mystical holidays of Halloween and Día de los Muertos.

Like treats collected on All Hallows’ Eve, cannabis’ terpene- and cannabinoid-induced properties can result in feelings of bliss and euphoria. We recommend the aptly named Magic Bar from Evergreen Organix to elevate your Vegas experience.

This tasty edible is dense like a brownie with layers of caramel, coconut flakes, chocolate chips, and peanut butter morsels on a graham cracker crust. At 100
milligrams THC, we advise you not to eat the whole
bar during one sitting—or plan on sharing it with your whole crew.

Levia Celebrate is a plant-based potion that can add life to your night. A THC-based tincture, Levia is taken orally or sublingually using a dropper, allowing you to dose yourself appropriately for your tolerance and body weight.

At 300 milligrams THC per bottle, we suggest a few drops of this water-soluble tincture mixed into your favorite beverage to really get the party buzzing.

—Beth Schwartz