Drink It All In

Between Oktoberfest and All Saints’ Day, October is
an official drinking month in Las Vegas. Savor the homegrown spirit with the locals at our favorite Downtown Las Vegas breweries and rustic Mexican-inspired haunts.

If you’re looking to soak in a sudsy Saturday or Sunday in Las Vegas, check out what’s flowing in the Downtown Las Vegas Arts District where breweries and beer bars are popping up all over.

Start off at the CraftHaus Brewery,  which offers 24 taps to drink on-site or buy multipacks to go. crafthausbrewery.com

Then stop in at Hop Nuts Brewing and check out its 20 beers on tap; 15 are brewed in-house, and five are guest taps. hopnutsbrewing.com

Work off the wheat by taking a stroll down Main Street to Able Baker Brewing, which is both a taproom and brewery. Inspired by Las Vegas’ Atomic Age, it’s known for its Atomic Duck IPA. ablebakerbrewing. com

Finish off at The Silver Stamp, a kitschy, vintage-vibe beer bar with self-service hot dogs—just as every encore should be. silverstamplv.com

Mezcal or tequila? Now is the time to start thinking about what kind of oferta, or offering, you’re looking to make to the dearly departed, Nov. 1-2, on Día de los Muertos.

To help with that crucial A/B test, head to Downtown Las Vegas and East Fremont Street where local watering holes keep revelers loaded with a spirited selection of good choices and bad decisions.

At Peyote, combine two decadences—tequila and pork—and order the chorizo margarita. peyotedtlv.com

Fan-favorite Prickly Pear comes in a pitcher at La Comida, where sharing is caring. lacomidalv.com

And at Lucky Day, la suerte (fate) is always on your side when sipping a plátano platino made with mezcal, whiskey, banana, coconut, chili and, the unforgettable ingredient, funk. luckydaydtlv.com

—Melinda Sheckells