The King Returns

Elvis Presley love is burning higher and higher this
year thanks to the hit film by Baz Luhrmann and the 45th anniversary of the King leaving the building—permanently.

If you find your “brain flaming” for ecstatic hip gyrations, and “nothing can cool’’ you but a new, sweaty red scarf, All Shook Up: Tribute to the King is the show to see. Now in a new showroom at Alexis Park Resort, it’s the longest-running, all-Elvis show in Las Vegas.

The 75-minute hit-parade tribute show spans three decades of the King of Rock and Roll’s career—a musical journey of love, lust and patriotism, little mama.

The band’s live; the Kenpo karate poses shine; and the showroom takes it all back to the time when the curtains shimmered, and you didn’t have to watch the headliner through the iPhone screen in front of you.

The new production kicks off with a special moment from the “’68 Comeback Special” as well as dazzling video projection and lighting. This show guarantees audiences will be “caught in a trap and can’t walk out,” and they’ll love every minute ... “Viva Las Vegas!”

—Melinda Sheckells

Alexis Park Resort, 702-483-8056,