Journey Inside
the Pyramid

Time traveling part of your vacation plans? A new exhibit at the Luxor, “Discovering King Tut’s Tomb: The Experience,” takes guests on a spellbinding tour back in time to Nov. 26, 1922, when British archeolo-gist Howard Carter first discovered the lost tomb of King Tutankhamun.

Trace Carter’s steps as he unlocked the inner rooms; marveled at the great treasures within; and came face-to-face with the pharaoh’s mummy. Light your torch, break the seal, defy the “mummy’s curse” and enter, if you dare.

Through letters and telegrams, visitors learn about Carter’s partnership with his sponsor, Lord Carnarvon. These enlightening correspondences transport visitors back to the very moment Carter set foot in the antechamber of the tomb.

Employing dramatic sets, expertly re-created artifacts and curated multimedia installations, guests are immersed in the sights and sounds of ancient Egypt.

Witness the canopic shrine, statues, and three nested coffins of gold and precious minerals. You too can get a close-up look at the child king’s extraordinary death mask, considered a masterpiece of Egyptian art.

Elevate your exploration of King Tut’s Tomb with VIP packages that include general admission access to the exhibit and a curated audio-guide narration from Howard Carter.

The exhibit showcases an enhanced virtual reality experience that transports visitors to the archaeolo-gist’s first steps into Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Tour the narrow rooms and experience the excitement and trepidation that Carter experienced 100 years ago. Explore the rooms, listen to gripping informational points, read the hieroglyphs on the walls and inspect every element of the exhibit.

The VIP experience also includes a complimentary souvenir poster of the iconic King Tut mask.