Hold My Beer

March means beer—but then again so does April, May and June, and all the other months that start with a consonant or vowel.

The only difference is, during the third month of the year, we actually embrace a holiday when dosing ourselves with green food-coloring is acceptable. Here’s whereto drink the frothy, cold stuff all day, all night.

The Front Yard at Ellis Island, located just off the Strip, is for both the casual craft drinkers and seasoned hop heads thanks to its two-story indoor-outdoor venue featuring an 18-foot-big-screen TV and a second-floor atrium. Try the beers from the Ellis Island Brewery label.

Beer Park at Paris Las Vegas is perfect for people-watching, catching sports action and lots of cold beer—as the name suggests—which comes in the form of flights, bottles, canned and draft.

Imported directly from the brewery in Munich or microbrewed at its U.S. brew pubs, Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas beers are cool, crisp and refreshing, and they pair perfectly with a doughy pretzel or big sausage.

—Melinda Sheckells