Reay, Aim—Fire!

At Machine Guns Vegas, you too will feel like a badass while enjoying a sensory experience that’ll thrill you to your core! The Las Vegas shooting range’s extensive armory is fully stocked with more than 40 firearm choices.

From pistols and shotguns, to fully- and semi-automatics like those seen in the movies used by Navy SEAL units and Delta Force teams, MGV has them available. So whether you prefer to try your hand at an AK-47, M4, Glock, Uzi or Beretta, you’re good to go.

Catering to both experienced and first-time shooters who want to feel the adrenaline rush of firing a gun, Machine Guns Vegas has a vast selection of indoor and outdoor packages to fit various skill levels, interests and price points.

At 10,000 square feet, MGV’s upscale indoor compound comprises 10 safe and secure shooting lanes and a VIP Gun Lounge with two private firing lanes and a private entrance. Topflight range safety officers are also on premise.

—Carla J. Zvosec