A Case of Curious Craft Cocktails

When you’re in the market for a bedazzled skull cap with antlers, or you stumble upon a portable typewriter by Remington—with lore that claims any tale composed on it will make its author illustriously famous—head over to the Horseshoe Las Vegas (formerly Bally’s) and find yourself flush with luck.

The Cabinet of Curiosities and The Lock are a new immersive lounge and speakeasy concept by Imagine Exhibitions. They sit adjacent to the National Geographic: Rarely Seen Photographs of the Extraordinary and Real Bodies exhibits, showcasing a treasure trove of stories and experiences that tell a tale unbeknownst to the common man.

While inside The Cabinet of Curiosities, why not order the Bedazzled Skullcap mojito and then make your way to The Lock, a speakeasy guarded by The Locksmith, who tempts guests with solving a riddle in order to gain entrance and sip bespoke Prohibition-era craft cocktails. A fun night out where anything might happen, see if you can happen upon the “safe room.”

—Melinda Sheckells

thecabinetlv.com; thelocklv.com