Say ‘I Love You’
With Chocolates
and Flower

Romeo & Juliet. Batman & Robin. Bogart &Bacall. Thelma & Louise. Valentine’s Day is all about classic couplings that we love. The world of cannabis is full of great pairings too. As you and your match-made-in-heaven take on Vegas together, consider finding a higher love.

Never failing to delight is the delicious duo of creamy peanut butter and chocolate, which can be found together in Vert’s Nice Crispies bar. A twist on the nostalgic cereal treat, it has 100 milligrams of THC in each bar.

A cross of Starfighter F2 and a Girl Scout Cookies phenotype, we heart Exotic Genetix’s Cookies & Cream strain. You’ll want a glass of milk when puffing on this first-place winner of the hybrid flower category at the 2014 DenverCannabis Cup.

At 100 mg of THC per treat, Koala Edibles’ Banana Pudding white-chocolate bar combines a favorite childhood memory of vanilla wafers and bananas.

For those who favor a savory coupling, Cookies’ Lemon Pepper sativa pre-rolls offer sharp, peppery citrus notes that deliver a euphoric, cerebral head high with 23% THC.

—Beth Schwartz